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redFORM is a brand new Joomla 1.5 native MVC component that makes doing simple and dynamical forms as easy as childs play in joomla.
Install the component and content plugin and in a matter of 2 minuttes you can setup your very own joomla powered forms.


redFORM includes the following features:

  • Unlimited amount of Forms, Fields and Inputs
  • Dynamical options for input type (Radio, Checkbox, Textfield, Textarea, Email, Username, Fullname, Fileupload, Select, Multiselect)
  • Complete statistics over forms filled and newsletter attendance
  • Notification text, emails and admin notification with option to email form data
  • Integration with the open source mailinglist project PHPlist and the Joomla 1.5 native components ccNewsletter and Acajoom.
  • Multiple mailinglist integrations per form - allow for multiple list signups in the same form.
  • Integration with Bigo Captcha.
  • Integration with redEVENT - Run all your submission forms from redEVENT trough redFORM.
  • Integration with redCOMPETITION - Run all your submission forms from redCOMPETITION trough redFORM.
  • Content plugin for easy adding of form(s) to _ALL_ joomla content that supports content plugins
  • Add custom styles to input fields trough backend and style in template css
  • English, German, Dutch and Danish languages (looking for more - contact me if you are interested in translating to your native langauge).
  • and much more...

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