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Today we are announcing the first public release of redEVENT v2.0b1, redFORM v2.0b1, Latest Calendar Module v2.0b1 and Minicalendar Module v2.0b1.


The release is introduce drastic changes to redEVENT.


The new features list include:

  • Endless amount of repeating events on different time and space - No more attachtment of an event to a single venue!
  • JomSocial integration
  • 3 New views (Upcoming, Upcoming per venue, Calendar)
  • Multiple registrations through contactperson
  • Dynamic limits for contact persons per event
  • 5 different signup forms (Webform, Email, Formal Email, Phone, External)
  • PDF Generation for email signup
  • New confirmation screens
  • Complete control over the graphical view of _ALL_ Submission, Confirmation screens
  • Complete control over all emails
  • All new tagging systems that allow dynamical use of tags on all levels
  • Improved attendee control (Add or edit attendees)
  • Multiple Categories
  • Venue Categories
  • Parent/Child Categories
  • Parent/Child Venue Categories
  • Library text templating system
  • + All the old features from version 1!
  • And much more!

Eventhandling in Joomla will never be the same!!!

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